Monday, June 13, 2005

Raw Cat Food Resources

Michelle Bernard's recipe for raw cat food from her book calls for a handful of supplements which you might not easily find. I found it particularly difficult because I wanted to make sure I got brands that didn't include a lot of extra ingredients, whether chemical or herbal, because I couldn't know what effect those would have on my cats. Here are the things I eventually found and the stores I found them from:

I bought the Oma's Pride food from a nearby retailer that ships: Paws for Raw. You want the meat-and-bone combinations. I got the smallest amounts possible of several different fuzzy little animals for our cats to try: chicken, quail, rabbit, duck. I also got a bit extra of turkey organ mix and salmon for treats.

Robbins Pet Care carries the glandulars.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables carries kelp and dulse. They have a minimum $17 order, so I ordered some yummy-looking snacks for us, too.

Life's Vigor carries vitamin B complex and plain psyllium powder.

Vitamin World carries taurine, vitamin E capsules, and vitamin A with D capsules.

Depending on how well you put together your cat's meat combo (which organs you include in large enough supply) you may not need to buy all of these supplements, but these are all the ones you could potentially need for Michelle's recipe, so I tracked down suppliers just in case. Check out her book for all the details, and I'll continue to post updates with how well it's working for us.


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